laura face resized11 Men and Women I'm Thankful For...

Thanksgiving always reminds us to be grateful for the 3-F’s…Family, Friends and Food.  I’d like you to help me add another “F” to my list–the “Fearless Fighters” both home and abroad. 

As a graduate of Mizzou, one of the top Journalism schools in the country, I know that not only would my life and liberties be different but my career as a journalist would be greatly altered or non existent if it were not for those protecting us.

So I’m asking you to submit the name of the “Fearless Fighter” that you are thankful for…let’s give them some props on the SportsRadio 610 website!  The person you submit can be with the military, police, fire, sheriff, paramedics–anyone on the front line!  And if you are one of these people–let me be the first to say “Thank You” ! Facebook Laura!


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