Your BEST Pick-Up Lines Revealed!

laura face resized2 Your BEST Pick Up Lines Revealed!

Alrighty…my Facebook friends have helped me compile a list of Guys Best Pick-Up Lines…and after a serious conversation with my boss about how much time I waste on Facebook at work, we picked the best lines and have posted them below!  

When I asked girls for lines that have ACTUALLY WORKED on them, strangely enough the lists didn’t match!  Who’d have thunk it?!? 

Think you have a magical line that works every time…or at least in the conversation between Brian Fantana and Ron Burgundy…”They say 60% of the time, it works every time!”  Then put your money where your mouth is and leave a comment!  Keep it clean or I can’t post it (I can still enjoy the dirty ones though, ha ha!).

Not my friend on Facebook?  What’s wrong with you–Facebook me now–just don’t tell my boss!

BTW the lines girls on Facebook told me that worked on them:

From Debbie Browne Weatherford: “Wow!…I thought you were Cindy Crawford from across the room!”

From Ashley Kimel: “Oh, and despite the name, I’m a dude lest there be any confusion!” and “What’s a place like this doing around a girl like you?”

From Kelly Valentine: “Hi, my name is Oedipus…you remind me of my mother.”


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