gary kubiak presser 0612 Houston Texans Press Conference

As part of Texans Monday, Coach Kubiak addresses the media to discuss their loss to the Chargers, what steps they can take to change their defense and he gives an injury update. Texans Monday is presented by the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center and Horn Solutions!

  1. Beasley says:

    I don’t think it’s Frank Bush making these bone headed decisions to let Kareem Jackson stay out there instead of getting some experience at that position. We are in dead last in the league in defense and that is deserving of somebody getting fired. Also to allow Cushing to stay in the middle when you have a legit middle linebacker on the team is also another bone headed decision. Kubiak was a trial at the head coaching position, because before then he was untested at that position. At best he is a good offensive coordinator, but not a head coach and now it’s time to get a head coach in here. The owner needs to wash his hands of the Kubiak sells pitch that Kubiak has sold him because Kubiak is not the man for the job any longer in Houston!

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